Why Are You Always Tired, Even Though You Get Enough Sleep?

5 Reasons you are tired all the time and what to do about it

Abhimanyu Bhargava


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Feeling tired or exhausted all the time, even after a good night sleep? You are not alone. It is a common problem for many and quite a lot of us go through that phase at one point or another. Our lives are so fast-paced with a much faster rate of change that it’s natural to feel dead tired occasionally. But you should not feel exhausted constantly. In this article, we’ll discuss possible reasons why you are tired all the time and some practical steps to deal with them.

Why Are You Always Tired?

Do you feel you are sleeping enough most of the nights, but still wake up tired and feel low on energy for the rest of the day? Here are five possible reasons why you are always tired and what can you do about it.

1. You May Be Dealing With a ‘Rest Deficit’

The concept of Rest Deficit was introduced by Dr Saundra Daulton Smith in her book Sacred Rest. We go through life thinking we have rested as per our needs because we have gotten enough sleep. But sleep is only one part of the bigger picture and one of the seven types of rest that we all need. Every activity we do requires energy and most of that energy is not physical. So, in reality, we are missing out on the other types of rest we desperately need.

The seven types of rest we all need — physical rest, mental rest, emotional rest, social rest, creative rest, sensory rest and spritual rest
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The first step towards overcoming your rest deficit is to identify where you are using most of your energy during the day. Based on that you can focus your attention on getting the type of rest that you need. Here are the seven types of rest we all need:

Physical Rest

This is the most common type of rest that we all understand. Physical rest includes sleeping and napping. It also includes physical activities that rejuvenate us such as stretching, yoga or getting massage therapy.

Sometimes, we may feel we have slept enough but that may not be enough for us. More on that in the subsequent sections.



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